1st Grade

Welcome to First Grade at Sacred Heart School.


We spend a great deal of time learning about how much God loves us and how to appreciate all His gifts. We try our best to follow His example every day. The religion curriculum also includes all the major church events and holidays, the sacrament of Baptism, the Trinity and the Holy Family. We also participate in weekly Mass.


In first grade, the focus of math is on number relationships and adding and subtracting. We practice number skills, such as greater than/less than and counting by 5’s and 10’s. We learn how to add and subtract and spend a great deal of time playing games and drilling to commit basic facts to memory. We also introduce time, money, geometry and measurement.

Science/Social Studies

Although these are not graded subjects in first grade, we do have class time scheduled for each every week. We will learn about the world around us through experimentation, map skills, and reading. Besides class time that is devoted to science and social studies, we encounter many opportunities throughout the week where other lessons relate to science and social studies topics.

Reading/Language Arts

Most of our daily instruction time is devoted to reading and language development. There is time for phonics and grammar daily. Daily journals are a good way for children to practice these skills in their writing. There are also other writing projects as well. Skills are also practiced when reading. Reading instruction is done with the whole group, in small groups, or even on an individual basis. Along with the formal reading series, there is an extensive classroom library for the children to choose from.