2nd Grade

Welcome to Second Grade at Sacred Heart School.


Sacramental preparation is the basis of my Religion lessons. The text will help the children develop a deeper understanding of our beliefs and traditions.


Each Math lesson begins with a problem of the day to be solved using various learned strategies. Manipulative such as snap cubes are used to develop concepts.


Science in second grade is hands on. The children practice observation skills and record their findings. They make predictions and use tools to make observations. Areas of study include plants and magnets.

Social Studies

Social Studies introduces the children to map skills. They work on a computer program to identify geographic areas and landforms.


In Spelling the children learn that sounds form words and various letters or combinations of letters make specific sounds. In other words, they learn to spell phonetically. Phonics is also taught as part of our reading program.


Reading skills are developed throughout the day, not only in Reading group. After whole group instruction we break into leveled Reading groups. Each group meets with me for approximately 20 minutes while the other groups work independently. The focus of reading group instruction is comprehension. The second grade skills involve higher levels of thinking such as predicting outcomes and making inferences.

Language Arts

The children will learn to express themselves in writing in English class. They will gain knowledge of the parts of speech and grammar while writing narratives, poetry, letters, and descriptive paragraphs.


This is the year the children learn to write in cursive. The first two months of the school year are spent reviewing manuscript letters. Handwriting is taught one letter at a time beginning with lower case letters. By May, all writing will be done in cursive.