5th Grade

Welcome to Fifth Grade at Sacred Heart School.


Our Religion in Fifth Grade focuses on the Sacraments, especially the parts of our Mass. We also follow the liturgical calendar throughout the school year to celebrate the Church seasons.


This year we use computation skills in higher levels with fractions and decimals. We also begin to discover the world of pre-algebraic expressions and terminology associated with these concepts. We also focus on more challenging word problems with much rehearsal of problem solving strategies.


Our Science program incorporates scientific process skills and methods through experimentation. We begin this year with life science such as cells, classifications, plants and animals, and body systems. Then we move into physical science such as matter, motion and energy resources. And the last of our studies this year is earth science, which includes the study of weather, and movement of the Earth and moon.
Social Studies

In Fifth Grade Social Studies, we study our neighbor, Canada in depth. We also focus on exploration from the first peoples that inhabited North America. Then we take that journey straight through to the early civilizations, Native Americans, and then we end with the American Revolution and beginning of our nation.


In reading we will continue to read both short passages from our Treasures book, but we will also work in Literature Circles to identify and discuss story elements. Our reading series also incorporates focus on vocabulary, spelling and grammar in the context of the story.
Language Arts

Many of the skills we will cover in Language Arts are directly related to our reading series. We extend our reading content to engage students to write about related topics. We follow the writing process and focus on the traits of writing to prepare work for a portfolio. Also, our writing stretches across the curriculum to incorporate a variety of writing.