6th Grade

Welcome to Sixth Grade at Sacred Heart School.


Sixth grade religion studies the Old Testament and the story of God’s Chosen People. Students participate in “Living Stations of the Cross” on Good Friday.


Sixth grade science focuses on chemistry and physics. Topics include matter, energy, magnetism, simple machines, and atoms and the periodic table. Critical thinking and problem solving are the methods used in class to gain a deeper understanding of the core material. Hands on experimentation and investigations are also an important part of the science program.

Math & Advanced Algebra

The students in math need to come to class prepared. They will need pencils, loose leaf, graph paper, compass, protractor, copybook and ruler. The grade will be based upon homework, which is given every night, quizzes, tests, copybooks and class participation.

Social Studies

Sixth grade social studies focuses on ancient civilizations. We travel through time and visit the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Students will also study European history and culture. Geography and map skills are an essential part of the curriculum along with myths, storytelling, and architecture.


The Sadlier-Oxford series focuses on words, their meanings and context and usages. There is a week long study of spelling followed by the same time slot for vocabulary.


Reading and literature classes emphasize active reading strategies to increase comprehension and vocabulary acquisition across all subjects, while literary analysis skills build higher level understanding of and appreciation for great writing and the many dimensions of human experience. Students will read, write, and respond to a variety of print and non-print texts, including fiction, nonfiction, contemporary, and classic words. Writing portfolios will include expository, narrative, descriptive and persuasive writing samples and a variety of creative and poetic works.

Language Arts

Grammar is taught primarily within the context of writing, with an emphasis on the five domains of good writing: Focus, organization, content ,conventions and style. Students apply knowledge of language structure, conventions, and techniques, to create, critique, and discuss a variety of written and oral communication.


Students learn basic words and phrases, numbers, and verbs. History and culture of Spanish speaking countries is also covered.