Boards & Committees

Boards & Committees

The Sacred Heart School Advisory Board has a primary purpose of providing advice concerning the establishment of general policies for the school.  The principal serves ex-officio as the executive officer of the School Board responsible for carrying out its policies and responsible administratively to the Diocesan Secretary of Education.

School Advisory Board Members

  • President – Kristina Grover
  • Vice President – Frank Mulchin
  • Secretary – Cate Haklits
  • Mrs. Ann Marie Thomas, Principal
  • Carla Arbushites
  • John Bird
  • Tom Rothrock
  • Michael Olivi
  • Cindy Markovcy
  • (teacher representative)


Marketing Committee Members

  • Chair – Katherine Bazzett
  • Mrs. Ann Marie Thomas, Principal
  • Heather Hamadyk
  • Christa Georgeson
  • Suzanne Borovies
  • Alicia Fenstermacher

Fundraising Committee Members

  • Chair – Carla Arbushites
  • Mrs. Ann Marie Thomas, Principal
  • Joseph Santostefano
  • Randy Kroschwitz
  • Cindy Markovcy
  •  (teacher representative)