General Information

General Information

Everything you need to know is in the Sacred Heart School Handbook 2018.2019, and of course if you have any questions, you can always call the office at 610-837-6391. The information provided here is just provided as a courtesy for quick reference.

Sacred Heart School Policies & Procedures


The school office is open from 7:15 AM – 3:30 PM. Contacting students during the school day is generally not permitted, but may be warranted in an emergency. Please call the main office in such a case.

Messages for teachers may be left in the main office. Faculty members will return calls during their preparation time or after school. Parents should sign in at the main office before going to any classrooms.

Administrators are available for conference by appointment. Please feel free to contact the office to schedule an appointment with concerns, questions, or suggestions.


Students will not be allowed to enter the school building before 7:45 A.M. (Unless they are in the Extended Care Program)

  • 8:15 AM Students must be in classroom
  • 2:50 PM Dismissal


If a child is late for school, he/she must FIRST report to the office, accompanied by a parent/guardian. The parent must SIGN IN stating: date, name, time, signature and reason for being tardy. The parent/guardian must also provide a written excuse explaining the reason for tardiness. A late note will be issued to the student that allows for admittance to the classroom. It will be the parent’s/child’s responsibility to make up any work missed by the next school day.


To insure a comprehensive education, which will prepare the individual for life, attendance and punctuality are imperative in the formative years. On the day of absence, parents MUST call the School Office by 8:30 A.M. (610- 837-6391).

In conjunction with state requirements which demand that upon returning to school, following an absence of any kind, a student MUST possess a note containing the following:

  1. the full name of the student;
  2. the teacher’s name;
  3. the day(s) and date(s) of absence;
  4. the reason for the absence;
  5. the signature of the parent or guardian. A student who is absent three (3) consecutive days must bring a doctor’s verification of illness to the Principal, upon return. If there is a contagion, a doctor’s note is required for re-entry.

Download Note template here. This also applies to leaving early and arriving late. Upon returning to school a note must be given with all the above mentioned information. If it is a doctor’s/dentist’s/orthodontist appointment the note should come from the professional’s office upon return to school; however a note must still be submitted from the parents that the child will be pulled or arriving late due to the appointment. If your child will be arriving late please send a note in the day prior.


Should the school have to cancel classes for the day, begin classes later, or dismiss early, it will be announced by WFMZ Television, Channel 69. We follow the Northampton Area School District for weather related dismissal and delays. Please inform your child of procedures to follow in case school is closed for an emergency and you are not home. You are reminded that Extended Care will only be offered for 1 hour after school closure.