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Are you interested in searching our school library for a specific book or subject? If so, click the owl, and put in your subject or title! If you want to reserve a book, you can do that too!

We hope to inspire our students to become life long readers and to learn to effectively locate and present ideas and information.

Our library has over 6500 books and magazines in our collection. Students are encouraged to check out 1 or 2 books per week. While we stress the importance of taking care of library books, the students know the most important thing to do with their library books is to read it. There really is something for every student in our library.

Students visit the library once a week. We start with a library skill lesson, they are given time to choose their books and I read to the students on a regular basis. Students will be taught and are expected to take care of the books, however, accidents do happen. Please return the book with a note and we will repair it. You will be responsible for the cost of replacing a lost book, plus a $5.00 processing fee.

We will be following the Information Literacy Skills guideline from the Diocese. Our objective is to give students the ability to locate, access, evaluate, and use information. These skills will be taught in conjunction with the classroom curriculum. Students will also be introduced to and encouraged to read books of every genre.