Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

My name is Reverend Monsignor Francis A. Nave and I am the Pastor at Sacred Heart Parish.

Sacred Heart School, by its very nature, has, at the core of its educational system the dual purpose to promote an understanding of and to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom of God. The community of God’s people embraces this objective through its worship and service to one another.

Sacred Heart School is dedicated to the philosophy that Catholic education must have firm rooting in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ for the Christian spiritual, intellectual, moral, emotional, social and physical development of the child.

Intellectual development proceeds in the primary grades through the logic of concrete operations and in intermediate grades by gradual introduction of the logic of symbolic operations. Students learn to think abstractly and to make intelligent decisions in response to concrete and abstract problem solving by developing critical thinking skills.

Through interaction among teachers and other students, the child develops socially and learns to understand, value and respect himself and others. We encourage healthy pride in each other’s achievements, the practice of everyday courtesies and manners and the communication of feelings in a positive way.

We promote cooperation between school and parents to strengthen mutual understanding, respect and support. The child is encouraged to strive for his best at all times.

Students are encouraged to develop values of fair play and good health and fitness. Emphasis is placed on understanding the physical development of one’s body.

Sacred Heart School recognizes that the spiritual experiences of the student are as important as basic skills. The spiritual education of the Sacred Heart student prepares one to be a sign of Christ in the world today. The first school of faith is the family; our efforts complement those of the faith-filled home. We do not replace the home, but rather accept the covenant of trust given to us to witness the best the Catholic faith has to offer to all.