The high standards and personal attention of our extremely dedicated faculty are clearly evident in our students, who consistently score in the 90th percentile on most standardized tests. Sacred Heart graduates have gone on to become valedictorians at both Northampton High School and Bethlehem Catholic High School in 2009, and then again at Bethlehem Catholic in 2010 and 2015.


Christian education is intended to “make men’s faith become living, conscious and active, through the light of instruction“. The Catholic School is the unique setting within which this ideal can be realized in the lives of Catholic children. Instruction in religious truth and values is an integral part of the school program. It is not just one more subject to be learned, but functions as the underlying reality in which the students’ experiences of learning and living achieve their deepest meaning.

Sacred Heart School updates curriculum according to state and diocesan guidelines and mandates. Texts are chosen to meet the educational needs of our students. In addition, our testing programs and results assist in these decisions. These meet both diocesan and state requirements.

Aside from the standard math, science, social studies and language arts, we also include:

Auxiliary Services

There are a variety of services available to the classroom teacher and student, which are considered supplemental or auxiliary to the basic educational program offered by the school. These services have become known as Special Auxiliary Services. A list of these services follows:

  • School Health Services
  • Catholic Social Services
  • Remedial Instruction in reading and mathematics
  • Speech Therapy
  • Psychological Services (including Instructional Support Team – does NOT include testing to diagnose a learning disability.)