Welcome to Preschool at Sacred Heart School.

Welcome to the world of preschool where play and learning are combined to make your child’s first school experience the most joyous it can be! Step by step we walk through the tools that your child needs to build in order to work and grow in Kindergarten.

As a team, our preschool staff works with the first teachers of your child-the parents -to help their angels grow strong mentally, physically and spiritually to be best they can be.  The children get to utilize the social skills that set the foundation to practice “Do Unto Others….” for a lifetime.
Through song and play, we praise God (Who made us special!), learn pre-reading skills, math skills, social studies, science, body awareness and the alphabet. All this is done by incorporating the lessons into game, music, movement and old fashioned fun!

Children deserve to feel the joy of learning by accomplishing realistic goals set for them. By doing this we set up a love for learning that will last a lifetime. Every child is encouraged to try his best, even if it results in mistakes because in trying our best we are working toward reaching our highest potential!

It is critical to provide a variety of play/learning methods because each child learns best in a different way. We try to facilitate learning through songs, poetry, crafts, games and repetition. We do our best to foster the natural curiosity of children, and guide them through the path toward kindergarten readiness.


In the three-year-old program the emphasis is on learning to follow rules, cooperate, take turns and share, among other important parts of socialization. Colors, shapes, opposites, identification of objects that are the same or different are some concepts covered. We also introduce the upper case alphabet and numbers 1-20.

The four-year-old program focuses on kindergarten readiness. We cover the upper and lower case alphabet in written form, visual recognition and auditory discrimination. We also teach pre-reading skills, such as sequencing, telling a story, making predictions and recognizing some sight words.

Four-year-olds get ready for math by recognizing numbers, counting, patterning, and even beginning to do simple addition and subtraction through a variety of activities.

Science is one area where their curiosity especially shines. We foster this by learning to make a volcano erupt, figuring out what sinks or floats, discovering the world of dinosaurs, and watching the changing seasons. We even take a trip through space to learn about the planets!

Another important part of the curriculum for both three and four-year-olds is religion. We spend time in both programs learning that God made us special, that he made the earth and all the things in it, and to be thankful for his gifts. We learn about a variety of people from the Bible and the adventures God planned for them.

Our curriculum is aimed at making your child’s first school experience fun, and planting the seeds of joy through learning.