Profile of Graduate

Profile of Sacred Heart School Graduate

We encourage our graduates to be faithful, disciplined and responsible members of society who embrace the Catholic Faith through worship and service to others. We wish for them to use their talents in the following ways:
• Model themselves as practicing Catholics who live out their lives according to the ministries of the Church and the teachings of Jesus Christ.
• Use their individual God-given gifts and talents to be good stewards in the world.
• Continue to foster their intellect and interests, being ever mindful of individual differences in abilities and backgrounds of others.
• Recognize that as part of a larger community, comprised of many ideas and ethnicities that they have the responsibility to see Christ in everyone and act accordingly.
• Strive to be the best individual they can be, seeing the value not in their accomplishments, but in continuous improvement in all facets of their lives.
• Remain steadfast in continuing to use the twenty-first century skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity to grow academically, spiritually and socially.
• Display the attributes of a Christian by creating environments that are safe, respectful and reflect the values of the Catholic faith.
• Challenge themselves to continue to pursue knowledge towards self-improvement.