Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering Opportunities

Parent Volunteer Program

Parents/guardians of all students are asked to participate in the volunteer program which affords them the opportunity to become an integral part of the operation of the school. This program substantially reduces the cost of education at Sacred Heart School. Volunteers work in the kitchen, library, lunchroom, and on the playground. They occasionally help in the classroom. Parent/guardian volunteers also help transport students to field trips.

In accordance with a decision made by the United States Catholic Council of Bishops, the  Diocese of Allentown has implemented a program for the protection of the children and youth we serve.  As a Diocesan School, we are  committed to  supporting this mandate.

At Sacred Heart School, ALL volunteers must complete the following prior to being allowed to volunteer in our school (this includes being a driver or chaperone on field trips)


Forms needed for all volunteers of a childcare service, school or program, activity or service, responsible for a child’s welfare or volunteers having direct contact with children:

  1. Attending the Protecting God’s Children Workshop and submit a copy of the certificate of attendance.   Calendar link of events:

  1. Clearances for PA State Police Criminal Record check and submit a copy of the certificate.

  1. PA Child Abuse History Certificate and submit a copy of the certificate

  1. FBI Criminal Background Fingerprint Check and submit a copy of the certificate

Code for employee:  1KG6TR

Code for School or Parish Volunteer:  1KG6Y3

Read, sign, and submit for to school for the following policies:

  1. Read, sign, and submit for to school for the following policy:

Child Protective Services Law

Child Protective Services Law

Sexual Abuse Policy

Sexual Abuse Acknowledgement Form

  1. Read, sign, and submit for to school for the following policy:  Code of Conduct

Acknowledgement Form

Link for the Code of Conduct

  1. Mandated Reporting Training

  1. Defensive Driving – CMG Connect  ( If you plan on driving on field trips)

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call the office and we will assist you.  Thank you for your interest in sharing your time and talents with the children at Sacred Heart School.

All the above information can be found on the diocesan website.
Once on the site click on Protection of Youth, Background Checks and Protecting God’s Children.

If there are any questions about the requirements above, please contact Denise Robinson, Parish Safe Environment Coordinator at the School Office at Parish Office at 610-837-7874.